A natural gem in Carinthia

Holidays on the beautiful Lake Faaker See in Carinthia

Nestled in the rocky and rugged panorama of the Karawank Mountains you’ll find one of the most beautiful lakes for swimming in Carinthia. Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, the Faaker See takes on countless shades of turquoise – from the light turquoise blue of a July afternoon, a hue that’s almost reminiscent of the Caribbean, to the mysterious deep, dark turquoise of a crisp October morning. The Faaker See: a natural gem of a lake in southern Austria.

Holidays in Carinthia. At the Karnerhof. On the Faaker See. The greatest luxury: a hotel that’s far away from everyday stress, with plenty of room to stretch out and unwind.  The vista extends from the rooms and hotel terraces with their whitewashed wood fences, out over the lake, to the massive rise of the Mittagskogel and the vivid greens of the Alpine forests.  A panoramic view that enchants with its varied forms and fantastic palette of ever-changing colours. 

Hotel with a beach on the Faaker See

It’s a very short way from the Karnerhof to the lake itself. The wide lawn for sunbathing, a fire pit, the beach bar with barbeque. A children’s playground with merry-go-round, swings and climbing tower. All right at the edge of the lake. The boathouse. A special, romantic location with sauna and massage area. Sunlight gleams through the slits in the wood-panelled walls, particles of dust dancing in the rays. It’s warm. At your feet, two rowboats rock gently at their moorings. There’s the sound of waves lapping lightly against the wood pilings. Outside, voices and laughter linger in the air.

Water sports on the Faaker See

Our very own private beach - reserved exclusively for hotel guests - is your ideal starting point for a variety of water sport activities: a leisurely swim, boat excursions and paddling adventures by kayak or canoe. Sailing and windsurfing fans will be thrilled to hear that motorboats are not allowed on the Faaker See.

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Electric boat “Seerose”

An elegant highlight: the electric boat “Seerose” that’s anchored by the Karnerhof beach. Explore the Faaker See in style, in almost complete silence.  An excursion or a break on the island in the middle of the lake is possible until the end of October if temperatures are mild.

The “Seerose” is a boat for those in love, and for incurable romantics. On this unique vessel, you can simply relax and savour the moment. Listen to the gentle splashing of the waves. Drink in the spectacular view of the Mittagskogel and the Karawank mountain range. Your physical well-being is also assured: try a bottle of sparkling Uhudler wine with strawberries or a fresh salmon brunch.

Holiday on the water

A vivid turquoise blue is a special characteristic of several Carinthian lakes, but none more so than the Faaker See. The colourful grandeur arises thanks to extremely fine particles of chalk that reflect the sunlight. The streams that flow into the lake, especially the Wourounitza, carry the chalk down from the Karawank mountain range into the Faaker See, lending the lake its brilliant turquoise hue.

At 2.2 sq. kilometres, the Faaker See is the fifth largest lake in Carinthia. It offers a wide range of water sports and activities, while still remaining charming and intimate. At the same time, it is the southernmost lake for swimming in Austria, and thanks to its drinking water quality, also one of the cleanest. The island in the Faaker See runs from west to east and reaches a height of 12 metres above the lake’s surface. In July and August, this island serves as the starting point for the 1,100 metre escorted cross-lake swim back to the Karnerhof. Beneath you, the clear lake waters teem with catfish, European whitefish, freshwater trout and pike. Riding on the surface, you’ll find ducks, great crested grebe and swans. With water temperatures reaching 27°C, the Faaker See is truly a paradise for bathers in the heat of summer.