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Wellness holidays in the 4-star Hotel Karnerhof on Lake Faaker See in Austria

At one with nature: an impressive range of wellness treatments await you between the mountains and the lake at the Hotel Karnerhof. In this magical location in southern Austria, gorgeous views, a wide assortment of wellness options and authentic Carinthian hospitality are all combined for one deeply rejuvenating experience.

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Wellness on the lake

Spoil yourself with a break from the everyday. Rest and let your soul unwind. Store up new inner strength. At the Karnerhof on Lake Faaker See. The ultimate luxury: a hotel far, far away from work-a-day stress, nestled in the middle of nature, with plenty of room to relax and unwind. Fresh Alpine air, turquoise blue, crystal clear lake waters. From the rooms and terraces of the hotel, your gaze sweeps out over the lake, on to the rugged craggy peaks of the Karawank range and the deep green of the mountain forests. Arrive. Unwind. Breathe easily.

Lake sauna at the Hotel Karnerhof

A much-loved wellness experience at the Karnerhof: our lake sauna. Perched directly above the water’s surface in the romantic boathouse. As you savour your privacy, large windows open up an expansive view of the lake landscape. From the deep heat of the sauna, tip-toe over the beautiful wood floors to the ladder that lets you plunge directly into the cool lake. Take a few strokes through the bracing water. It’s a tingling, fresh way to cool off.

Wellness in the rhythm of the seasons

Rejuvenating in spring

After the cold winter months, the Karnerhof is the ideal spot to store up your strength and let your inner joy come to life as nature blossoms around you. A real, natural wake-up: take a first plunge into the cool springtime waters of Lake Faaker See.

Carefree in summer

Summers at the Karnerhof are happy, fun-filled and lively. Nature is peaking at its full glory as vibrant colours seduce the eye: Lake Faaker See displays its best turquoise blue, the forests glow in deep green. The sun is a brightly shining, glowing orb in the clear blue sky. Relaxing was never so easy: a massage in the boathouse at the beach. Beneath you the gentle lapping of the waves. In the air, children’s laughter and the sweet echo of birdsong.

Unwinding into autumn

During the Autumn, around the Karnerhof nature turns languid, quiet and relaxing. Crisp, clear air. placid water, and leafy woods bursting with colour all give Lake Faaker See a special Autumn mood. Bring your body and soul into harmony: take a long, leisurely walk through the colourful woods by the lake, followed by a cozy afternoon in the sauna.

In the Karnerhof’s wellness area, you’ve got windows everywhere with a view out into nature. If you actually have your eyes open, you’re looking into the greenery, and beyond to the turquoise blue lake, with the imposing Karawank Mountains in the background. At work, I often find myself stopping for a moment to let this incredible view really sink in.

Fitness trainer Irina Svete

Finnish sauna

The classic. This traditional form of healthy perspiration has been popular for centuries. With air temperatures reaching 95° C combined with a relatively low humidity of 10- 30%, the Finnish sauna is a treat for hardcore lovers of the heat. A bracing flush of water cools you off at intervals and at the end of your stay in the sauna. At the Karnerhof, you’ll also find a polar bear’s head dispensing freshly crushed ice to rub in - for a particularly intense sort of refreshment.

Steam bath

The other big classic. With its moist, humid warmth, the steam bath was already a favourite back in ancient Rome. The comfortably warm temperature of 45°C combined with 100% humidity act to free up the lungs and airways while cleasing and beautifying the skin. A starlight ceiling provides a tranquil atmosphere in the relatively dark room.


With temperatures around 60°C and humidity of 55%, the sanarium is a gentler alternative to the Finnish sauna.


Flowing colourful light and gentle sounds make this 85°C Finnish sauna a special experience.

Laconium / tepidarium

This room is heated alternately as a laconium and tepidarium. The laconium is dry, and at 75°C isn’t extremely hot. The air is heated via the floor and wall tiles, making it an easier alternative to the Finnish sauna. Water gurgles softly in the middle of the room. Changing colours help you to unwind. The tepidarium promises deep relaxation for those who aren’t so tolerant of high temperatures. Here, dry, comfortable room temperatures of 30-40°C and heated benches allow for a longer stay.

Turkish steam bath

In this couples treatment in the spa department, your skin is coated with five different natural curing muds. The warmth and moisture of the Turkish steam bath helps to enhance their healing effects. The starlight ceiling with Swarovski crystals is an added help in chasing everyday cares away. The subtle light in combination with the mud treatments and the steam ensure a cleansing, relaxing and stress-relieving experience.

Quiet rooms

You can find relaxation after the sauna, a swim or a massage in a variety of quiet rooms. Featuring greenery views and furnishings in light wood, water beds and a drinking fountain, our quiet rooms provide a refuge where it’s extremely easy to just relax.

Outdoor pool complex

Nestled in green lawns between the hotel and the lakeshore, our 20-metre sporting pool and giant whirlpool – both heated – tempt our guests out into the open air.

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Indoor pools

Friendly and light-flooded, with a swimming pool and whirlpool, our indoor bathing complex invites guests to linger and while away the time indoors.

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Finnish sauna in the boathouse

From the sauna in the nostalgic boathouse there’s a ladder down into Lake Faaker See. A completely natural way of cooling off. Whether it’s at the start of the season in March or at the height of Summer, the lake sauna is always an experience to remember.

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Unspoiled nature

The crystal-clear Lake Faaker See and the Karnerhof’s untouched natural surroundings are actually the crown jewels in our wellness offering. Whether it’s running your gaze over the gentle wavelets on the lake and on to the Alpine forests and mountains beyond, or plunging directly into the clear lake waters yourself: the gorgeous natural setting and clean, pure water will spoil your eyes, body and soul in equal measure.

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Spa treatments

In the Karnerhof’s Temple of the Muses Spa, our experts care for our guests with fine-fingered talent and finesse. Our range of pampering and beauty treatments: widely varied, nature-based and firmly rooted in tradition. The surroundings: light-flooded and friendly.

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