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Peak location for runners & walkers

Running and Nordic walking by the Faaker See in Carinthia

Flat and level. Hilly. Or just plain steep. Along the lakeside, over meadows or through dense woods. With its varied terrain and unspoiled nature, the Faaker See region entices passionate joggers, dedicated runners and ambitious Nordic walkers to experience the great outdoors.

Beneath your feet: firm woodland paths, green grass, crunchy asphalt. The joy of movement in the fresh air under open skies. Jogging routes with wide range in difficulty and length await you in the Faaker See region. The picturesque natural surroundings – often punctuated with stunning views of water and the mountains – make running and walking by the Faaker See an experience to savour and remember.

Running and Nordic walking routes in southern Austria

The Faaker See Half Marathon and Triathlon, as well as the Carinthian Ironman, whose cycling route winds past the Karnerhof.  These events all make the Faaker See an attractive destination for active sporting enthusiasts.  But it doesn’t have to be a competition – there are more than enough routes and paths here that combine sporting challenge with a chance to drink in the spectacular landscape.

The best running and Nordic walking trails

Loop around the Faaker See

Through the woods and around the lake on gravel and asphalt: this leisurely 10-kilometre circular route is largely level and particularly well-suited for beginners. The Faaker See and the Karawank Mountains are in clear view along the entire path.

Tabor peak hike

This soft woodland path leads 5 kilometres through shady woods up to the mountaintop. Anyone who tackles the 120-metre ascent is rewarded with a spectacular view over the Faaker See and the surrounding mountains.

Fitness parcours - NaturAktivPark Faaker See

Family-friendly and flexible: well-maintained jogging and Nordic walking paths wind through the woods. Along the way, some 20 different fitness stations offer the chance to prove your strength, endurance and agility

I take a jog around the lake at least three times a week. The loop is beautiful and varied. Footpaths, lake views, reedy marshes, villages, meadows and woodland – they’re all a part of this amazing route.

Ursula Karner