Swimming, paddling, windsurfing and more

Water sports on the Faaker See in Austria

Simply drift, splash around, or really get active: with temperatures of up to 27°C and countless water sports on offer, the Faaker See entices Karnerhof guests to savour the great outdoors. Our private beach is the perfect starting point for all your water sport adventures.

Small stones warm the soles of the feet. Crystal clear water laps between the toes. The gaze wanders over the turquoise blue lake, vivid green woods and the dramatic mountain ranges. No motorboats disturb these placid waters – in fact they are completely banned from the Faaker See. Instead, children laugh and paddle at their first attempts at swimming, under the watchful eye of the swimming instructors and grandparents. Birdsong wafts over the water. Two royal blue dragonflies hover gently above the surface of the lake, glistening in the sunlight. A gentle breeze. A sailboat sets off just as two stand-up paddlers pull past on their boards. A young couple climbs out of a rowboat with ease.

For me, rowing out into the early evening – when the lake is still and settled in for its evening rest – is the perfect opportunity to relax and reflect quietly on the day.

Alfred Karner

Swimming in Austria’s southernmost bathing lake

The Karnerhof private beach: 40 meters of gravel beach surrounded by extensive lawns for sunbathing. Two wooden piers jutting out into the lake.  Those who want to take it slow will make their way into the water from the beach, step by step. Go-getters will dive right in from the end of the pier. Experienced swimmers make their way steadily through the clear water. Two floats, 50m and 100m from the shore offer the chance for a break. At swimming lessons in the indoor pool, younger guests prepare for their first plunge in the lake. Ask at Reception for the times and prices.

Tip: Cross-lake swim

Once a week during the summer months: swim the 1,100 meters from the island in the Faaker See all the way back to the Karnerhof beach, accompanied by lifeguards.

Windsurfing & sailing with a spectacular mountain backdrop

Full speed ahead on your surfboard on the Faaker See: be courageous. Look up and around. The view is worth it. The majestic profile of the Karawank mountain range before you.

Turquoise blue waters beneath you.On the Faaker See, beginners, kids and advanced windsurfers and sailors will all feel at ease thanks to optimal wind conditions. You can rent boards and sailboats at the Pepi Surfing and Sailing School, right next to the Karnerhof. Learn all the right manoeuvers with lessons from professionals.

Stand-up paddling (SUP) over the turquoise waves

Glide over the water while standing. With the SUP board you’ll experience the Faaker See from a totally new perspective.  The board enables you to easily reach secluded spots that are inaccessible on foot, too far for swimmers and not navigable for sailboats.  The standing position ensures that you always have a commanding view - and overview. Suited to both beginners and the experienced, the SUP board offers fun from the very start, while also promoting balance and endurance.

Kayaking and canoeing in magnificent natural surroundings

Experience the Faaker See and its shoreline leisurely - paddling in a canoe or kayak.  The journey leads across the lake to a large reedy area of shoreline.  The Faaker See stream serves as your pathway, as ducklings and loons quietly observe their visitors passing in canoes. Along the way you’ll encounter blankets of water lilies in hues of white and pink, as well as narrow curves and hidden coves to explore.

You can book courses and guided tours for both beginners and experts at the Faaker See Kayak Center – or explore the watery landscape on your own.

Rowing and pedal-boating on placid waters

Intimate. Romantic. In a rowboat or a pedal-boat, you can savour the atmosphere of the Faaker See in a truly relaxed setting.  Boat excursions are especially beautiful in the gentle springtime or the golden autumn. Rowboats and can be borrowed from the Karnerhof at no cost. Pedal-boats are available next door from the Pepi Windsurfing and Sailing School.