Hotel with bar
All-in-one oasis of pleasure with a view of the lake.

Bar and lobby in the Karnerhof.

Arrive. Switch off. Come alive.

Hotel with bar

As soon as you enter the Karnerhof, it's there. That almost ever-present view of the lake. And it's there to stay, so to speak. You can't shake it as long as you stay at the Karnerhof, relaxing, unwinding, savouring the experience. Our motto here is simply: everyday life off. Holiday enjoyment on.

The lobby.

Blues, greens with a good portion of Alpine lake.

Above all, the lobby of the Karnerhof is an oasis. You might also call it a refuge. Or a chill lounge. Because all you really want to do here is just pause and take a deep breath. Pay attention to the little things. Like pondering: is the lake more jade green or mermaid blue today?

Relaxation means the burden of your thoughts and cares gradually ebbs away. Or your values shift. During a welcome drink, a glance at the newspaper, while catching up on daily mails, enjoying a chess match or savouring a coffee. The lobby is a place where our guests linger and simply find a sense of well-being.

The bar.

Between garden bar and barcode.

When an Alpine lake works its way into the bar. When the relaxed aura of Lake Faaker See is reflected in the cocktails. That means it's Happy Hour at the Karnerhof. But there can be many hours that are happy, depending on how the afternoon or evening unfolds.

Tempting drinks from martinis to "sprizz" to iced white wine will tickle the taste buds, and you'll find the mood and the ambience equally delicious. It's a little bit like taking the water views, mixing them with interior design, and shaking them up with a pure workout of the soul. LAKE-SOUL unplugged.

It's a favourite spot to linger - or keep coming back to. In any case, a feel-good location with massive repeat business potential. Once you've been here, you'll want more. More of the relaxed lifestyle, more of that time-out oasis feeling - and much more of the feeling that this elegant-nostalgic bar is your safe harbour. Beautiful colours like ice blue and brass gold complement the woods and dark green natural stone of the bar. Of course, with Lümmel velvet for cosy bar seating. So things can go long and late very comfortably. Or early, depending on your point of view.

The lobby terrace.

Lake views unlimited.

Sit down and just relax. Allow time slow down. And get into the real epicurean flow. As alway, while enjoying the stunning view of the lake. Time flies in the wonderfully comfortable armchairs. Or it stops altogether. Which probably amounts to the same thing. This is where the soul starts to feel pampered and the heart begins to flourish.

Terrace Hotel Karnerhof
Terrace Hotel Karnerhof
Terrace Hotel Karnerhof
Terrace Hotel Karnerhof
Terrace Hotel Karnerhof

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