The joy of movement in the open air.

Running and Nordic walking
in Carinthia.

Flat, hilly or uphill, along the lake.

Nordic walking Lake Faaker See

Over meadows or through dense forests: With varied terrain and untouched nature, the area around Lake Faaker See attracts avid joggers, ambitious runners and dedicated Nordic walkers. Underfoot: firm forest soil, green grass, crunchy asphalt. The joy of exercise in the open air. Routes of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty await you in the area. The charming natural scenery - often with views of the water and the mountains - makes running and walking by Lake Faaker See a particularly enjoyable experience. 

Lake Faaker See and Nordic walking.

A southern lake and northern walking - a contradiction? Not at all. Fast walking comes from the far north. And we don't just refer to it as walking. Let's call it exercise, fitness, hiking, stepping out - or we can just stick with the term Nordic walking, the trendy sport for young and old. Unlike running, there is no "flight phase" in Nordic walking, i.e. one foot is always on the ground. This makes it particularly easy on the joints.

Nordic walking originated in Finland and has been used as a summer substitute for cross-country skiing since around 1940.

Quick walking with poles is easy on the knees and joints, relieves muscle tension and pain in the neck and shoulder region, improves fitness and burns over 400 calories per hour. What's more, the steady, even movement quiets the mind - and for a while, we can easily leave the daily grind behind us.

Walking is healthy and suitable for fitness beginners, nature lovers and physical activity fanatics alike. Among other benefits, it strengthens the heart, shoulder, leg and arm muscles. Since walking only places a moderate strain on the body, it is especially beneficial for people who want to build their fitness level slowly. It also trains the heart and circulation, stabilises blood pressure and improves blood circulation and cholesterol levels.

Regular walking mainly works the muscles in the leg region, while walking with poles allows the muscles of the upper body, arms, back, shoulders and neck to be used effectively at the same time. Nordic walking transforms a traditional stroll into a full-body activity in the blink of an eye.

  • Normal walking uses 40% of the body's muscles, while Nordic walking uses 90%.
  • The cardiovascular system is trained and improved.
  • Increase in calorie consumption by well over 40 %.
  • Hips and knees are far less stressed thanks to the poles.
  • Body posture and coordination are improved.
  • Upper body mobility is enhanced.
  • Pain in the upper back, neck and shoulder area is reduced by activating the upper body.
  • Suitable for virtually any age and fitness level.
Nordic walking Lake Faaker See
Nordic walking Lake Faaker See
Nordic walking Lake Faaker See

Walking meditation for inner serenity

Movement meditations really get the energies flowing. Walking meditation in particular is extremely effective. It is a way to combine conscious breathing with soulful, calm movement. This meditation technique helps you switch off, quiet the mind and thus also reduce stress. It keeps the body and mind fit and healthy, as both the breath and the energy flows are stimulated. So we walk, we hike, we stroll - but we do it consciously. We concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other, letting our arms swing evenly, and not letting our thoughts wander or get distracted by external events. We walk and breathe simultaneously and evenly. To start, it's not really complicated. We simply focus on our steps and breathing and nothing else. Our attention is on the present moment. Our thoughts are directed to the here and now, to our steps and our breathing. Everything else is banished from the mind.  The result is amazing. A feeling of rejuvenation, inner letting go, and reaching one's own centre sets in....

Running and Nordic walking circuits in the south of Austria.

The half marathon and triathlon by Lake Faaker See, plus the Carinthian Ironman, whose cycling course passes by here, make the area an attractive destination for active athletes. But it doesn't have to be a competition - there are more than enough routes and (circular) trails that combine sporting challenge with enjoyment of the surroundings:

Circular trail around Lake Faaker See

Summit run on the Tabor

Fitness parcours NaturAktivPark Faaker See

Family-friendly and versatile: this running and Nordic walking trail leads through the forest along well-kept hiking paths. It is dotted with 20 fitness points where you can test your strength, stamina and dexterity.

Running and Nordic walking trails

I jog around the lake myself at least three times a week. The route is wonderfully varied. Footpath, lake view, reed landscape, villages, meadows and forest path - they're all a part of it.

Ursula Karner

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