Reflection, calm, slowing down, shift in perspective

Advent, Christmas and
New Year in Carinthia.

Silence on the lake.

Holiday calm and tranquillity at the turn of the year.

When we talk about the quietest time of the year, we mean the days and weeks around Christmas. From the Advent season through the holidays, the time "between the years", followed by New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, on to end of the Christmas holiday break. It's actually a time when quite a lot is going on. These many occasions for celebration, feasting and enjoyment often leave little room for silence.

But anyone who looks out over the lake from their room at this time of year - or from the wellness area, the lobby or even from the restaurant - is immersed in this silence. It invites you to reflect, regenerate and let go.

At the Karnerhof, Christmas is also a time of great humanity. The evenings are long and leave plenty of space and time for chatting, laughing and listening. For a pleasant conviviality and being there for each other. With home-baked biscuits, candlelight and the scent of fir branches. And for living the varied Carinthian Christmas traditions. From the traditional Kletzenbrot to the Christmas tree sinking.

When the gaze turns inward.

The Advent season is always a time for a change of perspective. Things that often seem weighty and important recede into the background. Family, friends, traditions come into focus, and feelings, intimate moments and memories join hands.

When the focus turns to savouring the moment

Here at the Karnerhof, the smell of freshly baked biscuits and punch wafts through the house. When everything sounds like Christmas, like cinnamon sticks and fir branches. Add to that glittering crystals, a crackling fire and burning candles, and silence returns.

When the gaze turns to the past.

As it always was and still is today. Christmas as a time of contemplation, peace and unwinding. So enjoy the many Christmas and Advent markets in our area and breathe in a relaxing portion of time out!

Advent magic in and around the Karnerhof.






SEE MOTIONEN of celebration.
When the focus / is on the being / on the harmony / of body, mind and soul / then it's Christmas.

Celebrating the New Year at the Karnerhof

New Year's Eve at the Karnerhof.

New Year at the Karnerhof.

Happy New Year with "Smiling around the world"

Winter sports in Carinthia.

Even in winter, Lake Faaker See is a worthwhile destination thanks to the many hotel amenities from the LAKE-SOUL Spa to the Karnerhof's culinary pampering programme, but also because of its proximity to the ski areas of the southern Limestone Alps.

First and foremost the Gerlitzen Alpe, the only official "Welcome Beginners" ski area in Carinthia. Here, 17 lifts on 42 kilometres of slopes as well as 15 km of cross country ski routes and a kids' snow park provide both challenge and variety - and thanks to modern snow-making technology, snow is guaranteed from December onwards. 

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