Hospitality on an Alpine lake

A warm welcome on Lake Faaker See.

At the Karnerhof, many hosts await you.

And we mean this in the truest sense of the word, because for us, hosting has something to do with genuine dedication. To you as our guests. A way of living that is committed and passionate about Carinthian hospitality alongside our Alpline lake. And this is a dedication that stretches back for generations. It's been "placed in our cradle" as the saying goes. And in the meantime, our humble inn has been transformed into one of the most beautiful Carinthian holiday spots on the shore of Lake Faaker See.

This dreamlike location isn't just a wonderful place to enjoy as a guest; it's also a special place to live and work. Just as the lake view delights our guests and puts them in a good mood from the moment they awake, these natural surroundings also put a smile on the faces of the team here at the Karnerhof, time and again.

And it's with this hearfelt smile that we welcome you! In addition to the members of our family - Ursula and Alfred Karner as well as Hans, Adi and Andreas Melcher - we also have an experienced and enthusiastic team of 'Karnerians' who'll care for your well-being every day.

The Karnerhof Team

Above all, the charming, warm relationship between the Karner/Melcher family, the staff and the guests makes my work more of a vocation, and enriches my life at the Karnerhof.

Deputy Service Manager, Florian Stampfer

Happiness & joie de vivre.

Pure happiness. It's the stuff of countless books, life guides, myths and legends. It'sa fixture in fairy tales, stories and literature. And quickly turns into the very personal moments of happiness we experience in our own lives. We feel happy after positive developments, and wish each other 'happy' birthday and 'happy' start to the New Year.

Here, several members of our team tell us about their lives, their work at Karnerhof - and a bit about what happiness means to them.

Franz Egger

Service Manager

"For me, the Karnerhof is really a happy place. And it has been that way for 30 years now. My first day of work here seems like only yesterday. For me, happiness at the Karnerhof is the feeling of making others happy. Because happiness shared is happiness doubled. It doesn't matter if we're talking about a guest who's happy with the advice on his wine selection, or if I'm able to bring joy to my team of more than 20 young, motivated service staff. The important thing is that the spark of enthusiasm and joy of actually doing something comes across, because this spark then inevitably comes back to me. I feel happy when interns come back, when apprentices do well in their exams and when we do fun team-building activities together. Things like taking a tightrope course or playing soccer - because it's only together that we're strong. And I mean that. That's why I invest a lot of time, passion and energy in team training. Last winter, I even completed an apprenticeship as a confectioner as a third qualification, on top of my training as a chef and waiter. Knowledge makes you stronger. And only people who remain curious and open to new things can achieve great things. That's my credo, and that's what I pass on. And that's what makes me happy."

Sabine Runda

Administration and Accounting

"For me, happiness is working in the function and area of responsibility that I have wanted since I was a child. Of course, the great location of the Karnerhof, the lake, the mountains and the unspoilt nature also give me feelings of happiness. If you immerse yourself in the ambience here for just five minutes, you feel relaxed. That is unique. For me it is also a real stroke of luck that I can combine work and private life. Because it feels like I'm living in two families. On the one hand, I have my own family not far from the Karnerhof, and on the other, the Melcher and Karner family of hotelkeepers along with the great Karnerhof team - and this for almost 35 years now. In the meantime, many of our guests have also become friends. That's why my job here isn't just a job, but something more like a life's work. And for me, that is true happiness."

Inge Nessmann

Beautician and hairdresser

"For me, happiness is all about the beauty here at Karnerhof and the energy that comes from it. Through the beautiful surroundings. The beautiful lake. The beauty of nature with the mountains all around. And the beautiful climate - on both the human level and with the many rays of sunshine. For 19 years I have been enjoying the deep relaxation that I draw from this 'power spot' called the Karnerhof. And it's reflected in the creativity that I need, together with my colleagues, to create the most beautiful guest care experiences possible. That's why I wouldn't trade my job for any other in this world. On the one hand, thanks to the bond with the Karnerhof team, which has become my second family, and on the other, because of the beautiful values that are lived here. It has become an emotional home for me: this beautiful sense of togetherness along with so much appreciation and respect for each other."

Anja Meisterle

Reception Manager

"Every day when I take in the lake view from my office, I get an intense rush of happiness. Having what our guests travel so far for, and having it every single day of the year, that is happiness for me. Appreciating my lovely colleagues and liking the whole team so much, that's also happiness. Looking forward to the job every day, enjoying the working atmosphere, that is happiness too. When the team almost becomes a family, including our managers, the Melchers and Karners, that's happiness. I've been with the Karnerhof for 14 years now; you can really say I came to stay. Just grabbing a quick dip in the lake after work, blurring that distinction between life and leisure, that is also happiness. When guests return because they they too feel happy here and want to be pampered, it's the same sensation. That's why we have so many regulars here, who I always look forward to seeing again. No day here is 'business as usual', yet every day brings its new, unique moments of happiness."

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