A place to pause and linger.

Spa, Carinthia, Alpine lake,
that's what makes for LAKE-SOUL.

Panta rhei.

Wellness Hotel Karnerhof

Somehow, the phrase of the philosopher Heraclitus takes on a new meaning here: "Everything flows and nothing remains; there is only an eternal becoming and changing." Not only water flows, but time often slips away between our fingers. That's why the Karnerhof with the LAKE-SOUL Spa is a place of timelessness in our Carinthian SPA hotel. A place that allows time to be let go. Like a painting, Lake Faaker See presents itself here in its glorious colouring, which is itself rooted in eternity: glacial particles from primeval times are what give Lake Faaker See its unique turquoise hue. Once experienced, never forgotten. Enjoy.

Relax. Rejuvenate. Be spoiled. In the LAKE-SOUL Spa with its infinity pool, saunas and adults-only quiet zone. In the TREE Spa with its indoor pool and family area. In the private shoreline with pebble beach, rowing boats and lakeside sauna. In the Muses Temple with its massages and beauty treatments.

Lake, lake and more lake.

Your wellness hotel in Carinthia, directly on an Alpine lake.

Water as the elixir of life. And Lake Faaker See as a vast wellness oasis right before you. Simply let go and enjoy. Dive in and recharge your batteries. Chill out on the hotel's own bathing beach, sunbathe, swim - and let your soul not only unwind, but also fully immerse itself in LAKE-SOUL. That is wellness. That is SPA.

Wellness in the cycle of seasons

Revitalising in spring

Carefree in summer

Relaxed in autumn

Alpine lake idyll for ringing out the year

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