Spring Lake Faaker See
Lake Faaker See when nature awakens

Spring holiday in Carinthia

Renewal with LAKE-SOUL.

Carinthia has always had the edge somehow. This is also evident in spring. When winter still reigns at higher altitudes and in the more northern regions of Austria, here spring has already begun to sprout and put out its first feelers. Everything begins to blossom and grow slowly. Nature is stirring and we are all awakening with it. In keeping with this, spring at the Karnerhof once again brings plenty of LAKE-SOUL in the form of renewal, refreshment and well-being. 

Throughout the spring, everything becomes better, longer, more colourful, stronger, milder, and more Mediterranean. So it only makes sense that our energy levels should also improve. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case. The famous spring fatigue sets in. Living in temperate climates requires constant adaptation to a wide variety of conditions. Humans and animals regulate their metabolism according to light and temperature. This permanent adaptation to the environment keeps both body and mind awake. In winter, our bodies also go into a kind of "mini hibernation". During this time, our core temperature is lower than in summer, our metabolism slows and we are less active. That's why an early spring holiday is like a natural kickstart of freshness. A seasonal vitamin booster with lots of sun, exercise and enjoyment. 

Nature awakens and invites you to take short or long hikes around the Karnerhof. Afterwards, it is time for pure wellness. With a far-reaching view and a great sense of well-being. Chilling out, sauna, relaxation, massages, beauty treatments and a round or two in the infinity pool - or even in the lake - are all tempting.

Spring at the Karnerhof


    In winter, it's especially nice to dream of springtime. Of the grateful, powerful and unique feelings of happiness you'll experience. As a rule, spring really kicks into gear on Lake Faaker See in March. Nature emerges from its beauty sleep and shines in fresh splendour: the trees and bushes put on their new attire in rich shades of green, the fruit trees sprout and form their first buds, and in the morning the veils of mist quickly lift above the glittering lake to make way for the radiant sun. Energy flows from every pore of nature, the days are rapidly growing longer.


    We nominate April as the month for me-time. Also particularly good for we-time. For this reason, we want to clear up the weather mystery and make peace with the month of April. The truth is April's reputation for bad weather is unfair - in fact the month actually delights us with numerous hours of sunshine, mild temperatures and perfect conditions for outdoor exercise, first swimming adventures and exciting day-trips. All in all, it's an excellent holiday month with plenty of rest, recuperation and relaxation, but also a beautiful display of flowers with daffodils and the first tulips, as well as wonderful spring cuisine based around wild garlic, asparagus and other fresh produce.


    May is a month of pleasurable days. Mother's Day, public holidays, bridging days and often the first real early summer days. This is quickly accompanied by a feeling that you could reach out and hug the world again and again. On warm days, it's often around 18 degrees, the sun is already shining strongly and pulling the temperature curve upwards. The whole range of holiday activities - from hiking to cycling, from golf to sightseeing - can be experienced wonderfully in this month.


    In all honesty, June at Karnerhof is already more or less a preview of summer, only calmer, more relaxed, more restrained. The sun shines warmly and the lake very often reaches a wonderful bathing temperature - pleasant, yet refreshing. The days are seemingly endless. The sun rises before six in the morning and doesn't disappear behind the horizon until around nine in the evening. So almost 16 pleasurable daytime hours of holiday enjoyment await our guests.

    Nature Lake Faaker See
    Spring Lake Faaker See

    Springtime bathing in Lake Faaker See

    Lake Faaker See is around 6° C in March, rises to around 8 to 10° in April and then climbs steadily in May and June until it reaches its summer temperature of 24 to 26° C in July and August. At the start of spring, the truly fresh temperatures make for a relaxed yet bracing plunge into the cold water. However, in this experience that borders on ice bathing, there are a number of things to keep in mind before and during your cold swim:

    • Untrained or inexperienced people should approach the icy water slowly, with cold showers beforehand.
    • Inhale and exhale slowly and evenly during the cold showers and the actual ice bathing: regular breathing is essential to prevent pain during immersion.
    • Do not jump into the cold water, always go into it slowly.
    • To avoid hypothermia, do not stay in the water for longer than five minutes.
    • Neoprene shoes and neoprene gloves can protect hands and feet from frostbite.
    • Do not submerge your head and hair in the water.
    • Swim in groups to be able to react better in case of problems.
    • Dress warmly after bathing, pack a hat and avoid cooling down outdoors.
    • Give the body time to regenerate.
    • If everything is done correctly, this near ice bathing does not harm the body and can actually strengthen the immune system. However, children, adolescents and older persons should refrain from cold bathing due to their physical condition. To prevent possible negative consequences, a doctor should be consulted before ice bathing. If everything is in order, follow the above tips and tricks - and off you go into the cold water. 
    Nature Lake Faaker See
    Nature Lake Faaker See
    Spring Lake Faaker See

    Spring hiking in Carinthia.

    Leisurely exercise without the stress

    At the Karnerhof, spring is above all an invitation to embark on beautiful hikes. The trend towards "slow trails" encourages leisurely hiking in the cobalt-blue, mountain-lake-blue and alpine-green lakeland landscape, without any pressure to perform.

    Mindful, thoughtful, slow, enjoyable hiking is called "slow trailing". Particularly in the spring, it's a wonderful way to discover awakening nature in a very leisurely manner.


    Spring golf holidays.

    Enjoy golf as the first flowers bloom.

    In spring, with its already mild temperatures, a golf holiday is the perfect combination of exercise and enjoyment. From the Karnerhof, you have 12 golf courses throughout the entire Alps-Adriatic region in easy reach. Golf season in Carinthia starts as early as the beginning of March and almost certainly lasts until November. In the area around the Karnerhof you will find golf courses in Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia that are among the most well-kept in the Alps-Adriatic region. The short distances to the courses and the perfectly coordinated hotel offer make the Karnerhof a particularly attractive golf retreat at the crossroads of three cultures. The Golfclub Schloss Finkenstein, partner golf course of the Hotel Karnerhof, can be reached in just a few minutes by car.

    With the Alpe Adria Golf Card you can enjoy unlimited golf on the fairways and greens of the most beautiful golf courses in Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy. Special treat: in spring (until the end of April) your Alpe Adria Golf Card is worth twice as much - your companion plays for free on participating golf courses.

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    Spring cuisine with a view.

    Colourful, fresh, cheerful, varied - leaves you longing for more.

    Green asparagus is paired with fresh wild garlic - and peas compete with the first radishes for the title in spring vitamins. Fruit is not neglected either, as the strawberry season is now in full swing. These red harbingers of pleasure come directly from the region - freshly picked and straight to your plate. Whether as sorbet, fruit slices or fruit sauce, the main thing is they taste fantastic.

    In spring, the terrace season finally resumes. Even the breakfast cappuccino tastes particularly relaxed when the Mittagskogel is gently reflected in the morning light of the turquoise-blue Lake Faaker See. Lunch is also enchanting and gives the midday heat a cool touch with the Caribbean blue-green, enhancing the holiday mood by another degree. And the daily lakeside terrace events continue. The snack at 4 pm tastes particularly fresh and delicious with a view of the lake, which also provides a magnificent backdrop for the daily gourmet 5-course dinner from 6.30 pm onwards.

    SEE MOTIONEN of energy.

    Easter around the Karnerhof.

    Easter is a time of traditions and lore.

    Since the first Council of Nicaea a good 1700 years ago, Western Christendom has agreed on the timing of Easter celebrations. The first Sunday after the first full moon in spring has been Easter Sunday ever since. In Carinthia, the week before Easter is packed with all sorts of culinary and folkloric customs. 

    And don't just look for eggs. During Holy Week, many other preparations are also on the agenda. On Palm Sunday, the children carry their palm branches into the church for the blessing. These "Palmbuschen", as they are called in our local dialect, are made of willow twigs tied together to form long-handled brooms and are hung with sweets and salted pretzels. Then, even if the origin of the name of Maundy Thursday has nothing to do with the colour green, events on the day are reflected in green, including the traditional lunch consisting of spinach with roast potatoes and fried eggs. After that, the church bells fall silent for three days. The silence is traditionally explained to children as the church bells flying to Rome. During this time, wooden ratchets replace the ringing of the bells, which is the custom particularly during the Good Friday processions. The importance of the ratchet to Carinthians is shown by its inclusion in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

    The legendary Carinthian Easter treat:
    Easter ham, horseradish and Reindling.

    Our traditional local Easter dish delights with its combination of classic Easter ham along with smoked sausages, bacon, smoked ham and or beef tongue. But that alone does not make our Easter specialty. First and foremost, Carinthian Reindling cannot be missing. This traditional sweet pastry with a filling of sugar, cinnamon and sultanas replaces wholemeal bread at Easter, adding an all-important sweet component to the Easter meal. The Reindling slices are garnished with ham and served with horseradish. Add a hard-boiled Easter egg and the treat is perfect. This salty-sweet-hearty-hot taste experience would be unconventional at any other time of the year. At Easter, however, this treat is exactly what makes an authentic Carinthian Easter dish.

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