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Careers at the Karnerhof

At the Karnerhof, it's all about the people

The human being is the one or the one around whom everything revolves.
The human being as a success factor.
The human being as a feel-good factor.
The human being as a provider of happiness.

Therefore, it's the courage to be human that is called for.
And courage for the we.
Hotel Karnerhof on Lake Faaker See

That means both the guests and our team. We are Karnerhof. Above all, it means as humans, having the very distinct ability to put ourselves in others' shoes. You can also call it empathy. Feeling for other people. Understanding them. Ultimately, this heartfelt compassion seems to be the decisive factor that makes us human, that shapes our consciousness, our communication, our ethics, our coexistence. 

Open positions at the Hotel Karnerhof

Heartfelt hospitality

As already indicated, it's all about being human.

The communication from person to person. Friendliness and a passion for individual service is what makes the difference. The guest is pampered. And above all, he or she has opinions - and expresses them. That's why we always give our best. And why we are constantly evolving.

"If you don't move with the times, you're moved by the times", as the saying goes. Together we are strong.

Nowadays, a company should be "fit & sexy" 

  • Fitness means offering guests magical moments.
  • Sexy means being really attractive to the guest.
    • Through personal service
    • Through unique experiences
    • And through the very special passion of "hosting"

How does it work? 

  • With a great team and a heart for guests
  • With service design that reads guests' wishes from their eyes
  • With service where "no" is a foreign word
  • With continuous thinking in solutions
  • With an inspiring motivation that comes from within ourselves

He who knows the goal can decide.
He who decides finds peace.
He who finds peace is certain.
He who is certain can consider.
He who considers can improve.

Confucius, Chinese philosopher

At the Hotel Karnerhof you'll be working in a strong, committed team in one of the most beautiful places in Carinthia! We - the Karner family and the Karnerhof team - have been dedicated to the hotel for over 80 years and offer our guests peace, enjoyment and individual development opportunities in this unique location directly on the lake. As a family community of 75 enthusiastic good spirits, we are hosts with a passion. Our commitment and joy in our work turns working time into living time. We welcome every motivated new employee who wants to join us.

Your employee perks

  • Rooms free of charge in staff housing directly on the hotel grounds (depending on position and availability)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner free of charge every day, even on days off
  • Pay above the standard rate depending on experience
  • Cosmetics, massage and hairdresser: 50% discount on SPA treatments when timeslots are free
  • Bicycles and tennis courts free of charge (when capacity is free)
  • Surfing and sailing school: Discounted rates for staff
  • Internal promotion opportunities
  • Lakefront lawn for staff
  • Regular working hours with 5- or 6-day week
  • Depending on dates, 20% to 50% Friend and Family discount on hotel rooms

Whatever you can do or dream of doing - begin it.
In audacity lies genius, power and magic.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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