Immerse yourself in blissful holiday relaxation - and Lake Faaker See.

Summer holiday in Carinthia on an Alpine lake.

Soul of the south.

Austria's southernmost province - home to great literary figures such as Robert Musil, Ingeborg Bachmann and Peter Handke as well as numerous visual artists - captivates with lively cities such as Klagenfurt and Villach as well as sophisticated towns such as Velden on Lake Wörth.  

Countless attractions, living customs, plus over 200 museums and numerous cultural events make Carinthia a hotspot for holidaymakers. Thanks to the central location of the Karnerhof, all excursion destinations are easy and uncomplicated to reach.

As the most important river, the Drava meanders leisurely through the province, then on to Slovenia and Croatia. Carinthia covers an area of more than 9,500 square kilometres, making it the fifth largest province in Austria. Approximately 558,000 inhabitants enjoy the more than 200 lakes and the magnificent mountains day in and day out.

Mediterranean climate and
southern feeling.

A summer holiday in Carinthia doesn't just mean a Mediterranean climate and a southern mood, but above all relaxation and an active holiday between magnificent lakes and splendid peaks.

The province is known for its gorgeous mountain landscapes and idyllic bodies of water such as the Lake Faaker See right next to the Karnerhof, and the nearby Lake Wörthersee, Lake Ossiach, Lake Weissensee or Lake Klopeiner See. Everything that makes an active holiday unique can be found here, as well as that sense of spaceto a truly relaxed holiday. And add to that Klagenfurt and Villach, with their trendy urban flair and extensive shopping and cultural opportunities, as well as the delectable Carinthian cuisine in the three-country border region with famous delicacies such as Kasnudeln or Reindling.

So if you are looking for a relaxing time, as a real summer getaway in the middle of natural surroundings, directly on the lake, with plenty of fun, comfort and a rich offer of leisure, cultural and relaxation opportunities, the Karnerhof is the right place for you. Here, outdoor enthusiasts and mountain fans unpack their hiking boots, cyclists cycle past farms on the sunny southern side of the Alps, bathing mermaids loll about by the lake and wellness enthusiasts relax at the Karnerhoff's private beach or in the LAKE-SOUL Spa.

SEE MOTIONEN of summer.

Summer holiday in Carinthia

The region around Lake Wörthersee and Lake Faaker See inspires with its wide range of water sports, inviting you to a wonderful bathing holiday with a southern flair and warm climate. And for those who love to exercise, take a break in the surrounding mountains with a hiking tour or a summit climb. A combination that's tailor-made for successful summer days in Austria's southernmost province.

For those who like it more imposing and unspoiled, the Karawank mountains are the best place to explore during your holiday. Discover the diverse flora and fauna of the ancient mountains in the heart of Europe following the rhythm of your own footsteps. In Carinthia, dream trails await you in a unique mountain and hill landscape at all altitudes. It's also not unusual to find warm bathing lakes right nearby. The "flagship" of Carinthia as a hiking destination is the Alpe-Adria Trail, which runs over 750 kilometres in 43 stages from the Grossglockner in Carinthia to the sea. In addition, low mountain pasture landscapes and gentle plains await your exploration.

Boating Lake Faaker See

Caribbean feeling at the Karnerhof.

When we say Karnerhof, we always mean the lake.

A source of energy, strength, and an aesthetic highlight. A natural reservoir, a water sports destination and bathing refuge. Lake Faaker See is both a fountain of youth and an elixir of life. Every summer, the lake offers a wide range of water activities: swimming, of course, but also sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, kayaking, canoeing, rowing and much more. Thanks to its ban on motorboats, the lake is quiet and safe, but you can still cast off in the "Seerose," our elegant electric boat and spend a relaxing afternoon picnicking out on the water.

Water sports

Pool area Hotel Karnerhof

Events in summer.

Carinthian Summer

The Carinthian Summer, which takes place in July and August, is one of the most important cultural events in Carinthia. Founded in 1969, it is now one of the most renowned music festivals in Austria. The first venue was the beautiful Ossiach Abbey, built in the Baroque period, and it has been joined by many other venues in the Villach region and beyond. Whether festive Sunday masses and Handel's arias in the Abbey Church of Ossiach, jazz concerts in Villach's Bambergsaal or organ sounds in Klagenfurt's Johanneskirche: the Carinthian Summer festival caters to many tastes.  Most of the venues are easily reachable from the Hotel Karnerhof in less than 30 minutes. 

Austria's biggest traditional festival takes place in the first week of August. During the Kirchtag or Church Festival, Villach shows its happiest, loudest side and a special flair. The Kirchtag combines a diverse range of festivities with a cosmopolitanism that is hard to find anywhere other than this in this convivial gathering. Not only an exuberant atmosphere, but customs, folk culture and regional culinary delights await the visitors to the Kirchtag.

The entire city centre, especially the main square, becomes a huge guest park during this time. The large amusement park with Autodrom, ferris wheel, and ghost train is just as much a part of Villach's Kirchtag as gingerbread herring and the traditional Carinthian costumes, songs and dances. The Kirchtag soup, also called "Saure Suppe" (sour soup), is one of Carinthia's best-known culinary specialities and is of course also served at the Karnerhof to mark the occasion.

Villacher Kirchtag
Villacher Kirchtag
Villacher Kirchtag
Castle arena

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