Wellness Hotel Karnerhof
A place of timelessness on Lake Faaker See.

The LAKE-SOUL Spa at the Karnerhof.

Be as free as a bird.

Breathe in the Alpine lake air. Spread your arms, be intrigued about what's to come.

Enjoy our spaces for silence and contemplation. Let go and recharge your batteries. Because whenever yin and yang are in harmony and that balance between the noisy high-speed world and inner unity is finally achieved, that's when rejuvenation begins. It's about allowing feelings to flow. Through us. Like a current. Almost a wave. Rising and falling. The beautiful, the good and the true remain. Purifying. Invigorating. And soothing.

Water is the elixir of life par excellence. An eternal river, a means of transformation that we use for the personal metamorphosis of unwinding. At the Karnerhof, water is omnipresent with its infinitely varied shades of blue and green. In the unique infinity pool, the boundaries between swimming pool and lake not only blur for the eye, but conjure up a holistic experience of floating, of weightless levitation. From spring to winter.

Here, freedom seems almost limitless. The lake loses its contours and flows seamlessly into our own experience. And we feel good. We feel better with every breath. Because our body also consists largely of water. That's why we feel "in our element" in the water. Surrounded by the flow of our own emotional world.

Let's enjoy it once again, that pleasurable feeling of being at home in our own centre. Because only those who have arrived in themselves can also savour real holiday feelings. Self-awareness as a daily exercise and the first step towards a new personal freedom of well-being. This is also our motto at the LAKE-SOUL Spa.

SEE MOTIONEN of harmony.
A wave of well-being / a home for the soul / to the rhythm of the heartbeat / and with the pulse of time

Enjoyed with a smile and sipped with joy.

Enjoyed with a smile and sipped with joy. 

An odyssey of accomplished delicacies awaits you at dinner. From the fresh salads and tempting starters to the delectable main course and dessert. Accompanied by many a highlight from the NEUHAUS vinotheque. To start, perhaps a small beer, a light Prosecco, a sparkling Aperol or a fruity long drink to quench your urge for coolness?

In any case, it's easy going through the entire evening. From the bar to the restaurant and back again.  Delicious, light, enjoyable.

That's why we love the lake.
That's why we relish the lake view.
And that's why we rejuvenate ourselves with LAKE-SOUL!

The LAKE-SOUL Spa in the Karnerhof:

  • New light-flooded wellness areas with lake view
  • Heated outdoor infinity pool with indoor access
  • Outdoor whirlpool with bubble loungers
  • Sauna garden with outdoor shower for cooling off
  • Sauna area with panoramic sauna, bio sauna and steam bath
  • Sauna infusion butler several times per week
  • Large indoor and outdoor sunbathing and relaxation areas with spa beds, cosy grottos, infrared loungers and swinging loungers
  • Sun loungers on the south side for year-round sunbathing
  • Quiet zone for adults only
Wellness Hotel Karnerhof
Wellness Hotel Karnerhof
Wellness Hotel Karnerhof
Wellness Hotel Karnerhof
Wellness Hotel Karnerhof

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