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Art & design at the Karnerhof.

Art accents

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso

"Art lends a feeling of being on holiday," you could say. And when you add in the lake, with all its clarity and soothing, nearly stoic allure, every moment becomes something to savour.

Art is a holiday from everyday life - and Hans and Adi Melcher were very much led by this motto when they began developing the art and design approach for the Karnerhof more than 30 years ago. From the beginning, the word "style" was always the inspiration for their efforts. Every design-related undertaking, from the very first addition to our most recent major renovation in 2022, has aspired to be subtle, beautiful and of the absolute highest quality.

This fine style runs through the whole Karnerhof experience, from the interior layout to the culinary arts and to our fine interaction with people. In the culinary arts, this refinement is evident in the way we treat our local produce and nature, and in our deep appreciation for sustainability and regionality. Our approach is rooted in the Melcher family's affinity for art and design on the one hand, and on the other in the Mediterranean and Italian influences of the region.

Thanks to this artistic orientation, the Karnerhof unites culinary sophistication, art, design and Italian-Alpine flair. Over the decades, the Melcher family has set many accents, culinary, social - and above all subtle. This sense of direction has endured over time.

SEE MOTIONEN of freedom
Where nature blends with culture / where indulgence unites with emotion / the lake gently laps / in the soft evening glow.

Art at the Karnerhof.

Art hotel on Lake Faaker See.

It all began with an oil painting of the birthplace of the current owner's grandmother, commissioned from Hans Laber to mark her 70th birthday. Since then, countless works by Carinthian, Austrian and international artists have found their way to the Karnerhof. Each painting, sculpture or drawing has its own special story - recounting them all would go far beyond the scope of this small exhibition.

Still, please do join us on a brief walk through the works of art at the Karnerhof!

Willi Götzl @ Karnerhof

Peter Krawagna @ Karnerhof

Ernst Gradischnig @ Karnerhof

Many other artists are now represented in our extensive collection at the Karnerhof, including Gottfried Kumpf, Sieglinde Layr, Irmi Schöffmann, Karl M. Pichler, Hans Laber, Max Gangl and Suse Krawagna.

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