Yoga Lake Faaker See
Yoga with a lake view. Yoga with a mountain view.

The Karnerhof: your hotel
with yoga offer in Carinthia.

Almost like a journey through time.

Yoga by the lake in Carinthia. It is about coming into yourself, allowing a new slowness and a soft landing in the self. Yoga as a teaching has existed for thousands of years, as a way of turning to spiritual and physical tasks that serve enlightenment. The many exercises we know today only came into being much later, because the yogis wanted to keep the body flexible and strong for long meditations, for example in the lotus position. It soon became apparent that the asanas (postures) not only make you fit for meditation, but also increase your physical well-being. In addition to the asanas, the pranayamas (breathing exercises) and dhyana (meditations) in all possible variations are best known in Europe.

Yoga by the lake brings energy and power.

Hotel with yoga in Carinthia: The Karnerhof.

Yoga trains movement and flexibility. At the same time, blood circulation is improved and the back muscles are strengthened. Posture is optimised and the sense of balance is activated. Yoga has a meditative effect and reduces the feeling of stress. Yoga in combination with the unique lake and mountain view in our room LAKE-Fit  or the terrace in front of it is a special, sensual experience. Yoga is the connection of earth and air (prana = life energy) and brings a whole new quality of life. The immune system is activated, holistic health is promoted and the entire organism is relaxed and rejuvenated. Circulation and metabolism get moving in the Alpine lake air. The organs are supplied with oxygen and the lungs are given a good cleansing.

Yoga for a smile of the soul.

Farewell soul blues. A long "ohhhhhm" at the end of the yoga class, the smell of incense sticks and the dimmed light, this is real food for the soul. That's why it is advisable to practise yoga exercises on a very regular basis. The sessions don't have to be long; they can also be short, effective routines that lighten the mood a little. A mix of standing and lying asanas works particularly well.

Yoga as a calorie burner.

Yoga is and remains a sport, of course. This means that exercises that last for a long time naturally burn calories. So if you like to indulge in the odd luxury calorie and find it hard to say no to desserts, a yoga workout will really help you get on your proverbial feet.

Yoga as a healthy painkiller.

When it gets chilly in the evening or in the cooler seasons, we often tense up due to the cold. Unconsciously, we hunch our shoulders, stand awkwardly and then wonder why our neck and back hurt. In addition, the cold automatically makes us a bit sluggish. Here, a relaxing and stretching yoga workout comes in handy. The sun salutation in the morning, for example, is a great start to the day and a wonderful way to warm up the joints and prepare them for the day.

Yoga and the good vibes.

Getting fit. Being fit. Staying fit. And always with a smile. When we laugh, we open our mouths because our breathing rate multiplies. We breathe in deeper and longer, while the exhalation is only short. The chest muscles as well as the diaphragm, also a large muscle, are activated. This creates the conditions for an increased exchange of gases in the lungs and significantly increases the breathing capacity. The tension of the diaphragm exerts a kind of massage on the internal organs, which in turn has a beneficial effect on intestinal activity. Since laughter also stimulates the involuntary smooth muscles, the bronchial tubes dilate, so the ventilation of the lungs is further improved. When we laugh, we expel almost the entire volume of air in our lungs. The intensified exchange in the lungs enriches the blood with oxygen. This is important for the digestive processes in the body: fat metabolism and the excretion of cholesterol are said to be favourably influenced by this. A waste product of this combustion process is carbonic acid, which is completely expelled during laughter breathing. It is estimated that the exchange of gases during laughter is three to four times as high as at rest.

Yin yoga & meditation.

It doesn't always have to be power yoga. Let's accept that sometimes, our bodies just don't feel like doing challenging, sweaty yoga. Let's treat it to yin yoga and extensive meditation.

Yoga Lake Faaker See

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