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Your cycling and mountain biking holiday at the 4-star Hotel Karnerhof on Lake Faaker See in Carinthia.
Cycling Lake Faaker See

Biking in the Lake Faaker See area can mean getting on your pleasure bike, mountain bike, racing bike or e-bike. With well-maintained cycle paths and a road network with relatively little traffic, the Carinthian lakes region is ideal for cyclists. The slightly hilly landscape around the lakes and passes through the Karawank mountains encourage both leisurely pedalling and more ambitious rides. And for mountain bikers, the region is a highlight, offering a wide variety of single trails and dirt paths. Racing bikers, amateurs and professionals alike appreciate the diverse selection of routes in the region.

Rugged mountain backdrops, winding panoramic roads, deep green forests, rolling meadows and lakes glistening in the sunlight: the beautiful, varied landscape in Carinthia and the border triangle makes this region an eldorado for bikers. Whether it's a lake tour or a day trip, the Karnerhof is an ideal starting point for a cycling holiday in Carinthia.

Austria's southernmost province offers a wide range of options for cyclists: from relaxed leisure and family tours to sporty challenges for mountain bikers and racing cyclists. Well-signposted and well-maintained cycle paths, varied routes, themed cycle paths, circular routes and mountain stages lead past numerous lakes, sights and vantage points and give a wonderful impression of the country. In addition, the pleasant climate allows for a long season - usually from March to November. Good to know: Cycling has a long tradition in Carinthia. As early as 1987, Lake Faaker See was the venue for the 54th World Road Cycling Championships.

Cycling is healthy.

Welcome to Carinthia's cycling hotel.

Push those pedals! According to recent surveys, the two-wheeled sport of cycling is the single most popular outdoor activity in Germany and Austria. And not without reason, since cycling is considered a universal exercise remedy: it's easy on the joints, increases fitness and alleviates numerous ailments.  Whether you're an ambitious professional biker or a leisurely recreational cyclist - the allure of nature and diversity of scenery are the top qualities of cycling tours in Carinthia. Our wide selection of routes ranges from short, flat paths and to challenging mountain routes.

Dreilaender hiking trail Lake Faaker See
Cycling Lake Faaker See
Dreilaender hiking trail Lake Faaker See
Dreilaender hiking trail Lake Faaker See

You don't necessarily have to cover the entire stretch in the saddle. The region offers an extensive network of buses and trains that reach even the remotest corners. For example, the ÖBB Tauernsprinter runs from Villach to Mallnitz in the Hohe Tauern National Park daily in the mornings; from there you can cycle the 75 kilometres back to Villach along well-maintained, dedicated cycle paths through the Möll and Drau valleys.

Positive effects of cycling on health.

Cycling not only has the green advantage, but it is also considered a fitness booster, very much in line with healthy trends. So what does that mean exactly?

  • The saddle bears a large part of your weight. With the right positioning on the bike, your joints, ligaments and tendons are protected.
  • At the same time, your muscles get a boost from the steady movement, the cardiovascular system is challenged and your fitness is enhanced.
  • Your quality of life is improved in the long term, and your general fitness level increases.
  • So cycling optimises endurance, strength, mobility, balance and responsiveness.
  • The alternation of relaxation and physical challenge in the great outdoors improves your awareness of the body as a holistic whole.

So cycling is one of the gentle endurance sports. Pedalling at around 15 kilometres per hour consumes an average of about 400 kilocalories per hour.

Cycling paths

Biking along the Drau Cycle Path.

The Carnic Cycle Path.

E-bike rental at the Karnerhof.

More flexibility while cycling.

Climb new peaks with an e-bike. Literally as well as proverbially. Because Carinthia is a true cycling paradise. Hundreds of kilometres of interesting cycling routes, equally perfect for e-bikers, and plenty of refreshment stops with traditional delicacies make the region the perfect destination for e-bikers. Look forward to a wide variety of tours with different gradients and degrees of difficulty. Head around the lake in just under an hour, or do a few stages of the 366-kilometre Drau Cycle Path, which leads from South Tyrol to Slovenia. It's all possible from the Karnerhof. The cycle paths in the Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See region are constantly being improved and extended. Marked routes offer the opportunity to explore the mountain world effortlessly and enjoy the landscape to the full. But easy-flowing trails and paths also give e-bikers the kick they need for an exciting day on the bike.

At the Karnerhof, e-bikes are available for hire for a fee. We are happy to give you tips, help you plan your tour and support you with maps. Or you can join a guided tour.

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Relaxed cycling tours for enthusiasts and families.

Explore the beautiful Carinthian landscape on your own and look forward to diverse tours with different altitude profiles, gradients and levels of difficulty - from a short excursion to a day trip. In less than an hour, for example, you can walk around Lake Faaker See. Some of the most beautiful stages of the 366-kilometre Drau Cycle Path, which runs from South Tyrol to Slovenia, can be experienced from the Karnerhof. To this end, the cycle paths in the Villach - Lake Faaker See - Ossiacher See region are constantly being improved and extended. Numerous taverns with original Carinthian specialities are located directly along the cycling routes. This turns every cycling trip in Carinthia into a culinary pleasure tour.

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Fast off-road routes for mountain bikers.

Skillfully wind your way down the slopes on a mountain bike. Absorbing shocks, keeping your balance and avoiding obstacles. With its hilly terrain and numerous meadow, forest and field paths, the area around Lake Faaker See can provide a diverse set of adventures to fill a mountain biking holiday in Carinthia. There are numerous official, well-maintained mountain bike trails in the Villach region.

Many of the marked trails actually offer you the chance to climb mountains on your bike. If you make it to the top and the sun is shining, you'll be rewarded with a unique panorama of the Karawank mountain range.

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Biking fun in the forest

One loop, three countries

Natural trails for beginners and pros

Dreilaender hiking trail Lake Faaker See
Burgrunde cycling tour Lake Faaker See
Drau Cycle Path Lake Faaker See

Off like a rocket with your racing bike

From steep climbs to relaxed lake tours, in Carinthia, a diverse network of routes awaits racing cyclists. 

One challenging route is, for example, the the Dreiländer or Three Countries Tour: This route takes you from Lake Faaker See to Tarvis in Italy, then onward into the Slovenian Soča Valley and up the 1,611-metre-high Vršič Pass. The serpentine descent then takes you directly to Kranjska Gora. From there, you finally return to Carinthia. 

An intense mountain experience and wonderful views await you on the circular tour from Lake Faaker See to the Dobratsch, one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains and also the oldest nature park in Carinthia.

Somewhat shorter and more relaxed - but no less beautiful - is the Lake Faaker See Castle Tour, which leads past the picturesque Aichwaldsee to the Finkenstein Castle arena towering over Lake Faaker See. 

In addition, you can still tackle the intense 11.7-kilometre World Cup course from 1987&nbsp.

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