Invigorating, turquoise, refreshing LAKE-SOUL

A philosophy
of the here and now.

What happens when you combine emotions with lake views?

And combine the Lake Faaker See ambience up close with deep sensations of well-being? It's as if time almost stands still for a moment. At least that's how it feels. It's somehow like arriving in the now.

What do we mean by that? Well, at the Karnerhof, it's not about how long, how much time or why. What really matters are the feelings and the subtlety of it all. It's a unique fascination with the quality of sensations. Here with us, landing in the midst of contentment means moments that are timeless, where everything is different than it was before - or where everything remains as it is. Whether these moments are full of happiness, enthusiasm, passion, relaxation or calm, they are rooted in that small sense of timelessness that lies at the heart of every emotion.

At the Karnerhof, everything revolves around this world of feelings and impressions, nurtured by the Alpine lake setting. Opening up before you are more than 10 hectares of favourite places for enjoyment, tranquillity, style, relaxation, movement and happiness. These precious moments - in Ancient Greek kairos, one almost senses a similarity in the name - are what give life its glamour and whisk us out of time.

We call it LAKE-SOUL.

Here at the Karnerhof, you'll experience LAKE-SOUL wherever you look, feel and enjoy! It is almost omnipresent, nurtured by the gleaming turquoise blue lake, with its crystal clear waters and its calming presence. Framed against the backdrop of the southern limestone Alps, the Karawank range, with its snow-capped peaks, and the green of Austrian mountain forests, this unique hue of lake water gives Carinthia's fifth largest lake an almost mystical air - especially in the twilight hours near sunrise and sunset.

Setting yourself free from the past as well as the future, and simply dwelling in the moment, as Sören Kierkegaard says, can indeed be a piece of eternity.

Take a dive with us into these unique, pleasurable, clear, peaceful, quiet, luminous and stylish moments of LAKE-SOUL.

SEE MOTIONEN of tranquillity
When feelings and pleasures / float leisurely away / our thoughts also / find calm.
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