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The Alps-Adriatic region.

SEE MOTIONEN of growing together.
The energy of the fusion / of cuisine and the appreciation / of art and culture / is as powerful / as the symbiosis / of nature and design.

Where Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet, the influences of three cultures merge into a special place to live, which is also an exceptional place to visit. Carinthia, Slovenia, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia: three countries, three regions, three cultures. Each unique and yet closely related - in customs, in their attitude to life and, of course, in their cuisine. In the border triangle you can hear three languages and experience three cultures in a single day, looking down from high mountain peaks onto an idyllic lake landscape and then enjoying a cappuccino on the Mediterranean. Here you'll find all the ingredients for an unforgettable holiday in the heart of Europe.

The variety of tastes of the Alps-Adriatic region has developed as much from a tradition of hospitality lived out over centuries as from the innovative creative talents of more recent generations. The mountain - lake - sea triad is the basis for an extraordinary culinary and recreational quality that is well worth exploring. No wonder, then, that southern temperament and Alpine down-to-earthness have produced such delicious dishes. It's no coincidence that Carinthian Kasnudeln resemble Italian ravioli. And that Carinthian Reindling is also known as Gubana in Friuli and Pohača in Slovenia. The region attaches great importance to traditional food preparation and fresh, regional products. When it comes to wine, Friuli still leads the way, but Carinthia - where vine cultivation is documented back to the year 888 - and Slovenia are both now catching up with better and better red and white vintages.

The people of the Alps-Adriatic region remain close to their roots and tradition-conscious, yet open and hospitable. In addition, lively cities like Ljubljana, Trieste and Udine are just a stone's throw away. Thanks to its location on the southern side of the Alps, the pleasant climate with long hours of sunshine makes the warmth in the lifestyle tangible. The Carinthian cities of Klagenfurt and Villach also have a Mediterranean touch. This is where a borderless Europe is actually lived: Carinthians travel to the Italian border town of Tarvis for a quick lunch, Italians come to Lake Wörthersee for an evening at the casino.

Discover the Alps-Adriatic region.

Day trips in the Alps-Adriatic region.

The location of the Karnerhof is ideal for day trips throughout the Alps-Adriatic region. The Italian and Slovenian borders are just a few minutes away by car. If you like it sporty, you can hike Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy on the Alpe-Adria Trail or explore them by bike - on the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path.

The Alpe-Adria Trail.

The Alpe-Adria Trail connects the three regions of Carinthia, Slovenia and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in 43 stages totalling approximately 750km. The long-distance trail leads from the foot of Austria's highest mountain, the Grossglockner, through the most beautiful Carinthian mountain and lake regions and without any major detours to the crossroads of the three countries Austria, Italy, Slovenia and then onwards to the Adriatic Sea in Muggia.

Stage 21 Alpe-Adria Trail: Velden - Lake Faaker See / Baumgartnerhöhe
21.3 km, 559 m altitude difference, 6:45 hours

Over 21.3 km in length and approx. 560 metres in altitude, this pleasure tour takes just under seven hours and leads from Velden along the picturesque river Drau, home to numerous birds and animals, on to an idyllic valley called Turkei (site of a Turkish army camp in the 15th century). After that, Lake Faaker See with its impressive turquoise colour awaits, and along the Jakobweg the trail leads heavenwards to the Finkenstein Castle arena.

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