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Love of wine in blueberry blue and vine green.

Wine and beverages at the Karnerhof on Lake Faaker See.

Love of wine - with a view!

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Every wine needs air and space to breathe in order to develop its full flavour. And at the Karnerhof, more space to unfold just isn't possible. There's our newly designed restaurant with its terrace for fine weather. Vintages of all colours shimmer in the light here. And in all nuances, depending on what dish the wine is paired with. The Karnerhof wine journey will take you somewhere new each day, starting with our local Carinthian vineyards, then roaming across Austria and northern Italy to the wine hills of Burgundy. The grapes of good taste always hang high, but you'll find your experience is surpassed again and again. Our sommelier Franz Egger will be happy to advise you on the right wine to accompany your dinner.

Top vintages and our own distilled spirits

Good food and good wine go together. When it comes to great wines, maturity is not to be underestimated - and the Karnerhof wine cellar can tell you a tale or two about that: the cellar was first built back in 1975 and is stocked with over 200 top wines. A veritable highlight for wine lovers and connoisseurs. Fruity Gelber Muskateller from southern Styria, mineral, peppery Grüner Veltliner from Kremstal and powerful Pinot Grigio from the Karst: the wine cellar focuses on Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Bordeaux, Burgundy and, of course, Austria. 

Local origin is becoming increasingly important with wines. Although Carinthia is not a traditional wine-growing area, wines from the region have been gaining in quality and popularity in recent years. For example, the Karnerhof stocks Gelber Muskateller and Gemischter Satz from the Trippel winery in Feldkirchen and the Chardonnay from the Burg Taggenbrunn Winery in St. Veit.

Wine cellar tours and wine tastings offer you the opportunity to get to know some exquisite wines and spirits in a beautiful atmosphere, and to exchange ideas with sommelier Franz Egger or with selected vintners directly.

In addition to the wines, there are also schnapps, brandies and other distilled spirits for connoisseurs and novices alike. A homemade highlight: brandy made from fruit from our own gardens and orchards.

Passion for wine at the Karnerhof

Take a sip and raise your glass. At the Karnerhof, wine culture from around the world awaits you, teasing the palate. Burgenland meets Wachau - and Southern Styria vies with Carnuntum for the best nose. The New World doesn't let anyone down either - and contributes the one or other highlight. Quietly, Mediterranean vintages from the Chianti region come to the table, just before the French take the lead with the citrus notes of Chablis and the cranberry nuances of Cabernet Sauvignon. Then Bordeaux pushes its way to the fore, until Italy speaks up yet again with a heavy, velvety Amarone - and finally a sweet wine from Austria rounds off the tour.

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