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Culinary arts in the Hotel Karnerhof
on Lake Faaker See.

Passion for fine dining.

Breakfast Hotel Karnerhof

The cuisine at the Karnerhof is close to home yet cosmopolitan, spiced with Mediterranean lightness. The chef Nicolas Artl takes you on a culinary journey through Carinthia and the Alps-Adriatic region, to discover the people and tastes of the border triangle. A journey to traditional food producers, with their handed-down knowledge and ancestral skills. Natural, healthy premium products are at the heart of this remarkable cuisine. Our focus on the culinary arts is reflected in our membership in the "Genießerhotels" association, which is committed to "exceptional quality in the area of cuisine and wine cellar".

Culinary enjoyment as a family affair

The host families Karner and Melcher know a thing or two about enjoyment and live out their discriminating quality standards, right down to the last detail. Senior chef Johann Melcher stands at his lovingly arranged salad buffet every day, where he freshly marinates the salad á la minute in front of the guests, and carefully drizzles the freshly harvested lettuce leaves with his precious balsamic vinegar, which is collected directly from Modena several times each year. The salad maître then combines selected olive, walnut or pumpkin seed oil with it. The greens arrive at the table crisp and firm to the bite, with an individual marinade. Beef tartare, tuna salad and beef salad with Styrian pumpkin seed oil are other specialities that the chef regularly tastes and prepares directly in front of his guests.

SEE MOTIONEN of culinary enjoyment.

Flavours of the region

Fresh products of the very best quality. With the flavours of the region and the season. Everything that the Karner/Melcher family enjoys eating and drinking themselves, they also share with their guests. Cooperation with local and regional producers is the preferred approach. And so, among other things you'll find:

  • golden alpine honey from Föderlach,
  • goat cheese from Tainach,
  • fine meat and sausage products from Frierss in Villach,
  • eggs from happy chickens from Picheldorf,
  • hearty craft beer from the Loncium brewery in Kötschach-Mauthen,

all make their way through the kitchens to the guests of the gourmet Hotel Karnerhof. With Carinthian specialities such as Kasnudeln (cheese noodles) and Kirchtagssuppe (Church Festival soup) made according to recipes that go back generations, traditional cuisine is also carefully nurtured.

The very best from our own gardens

Meadows in lush green. Blooming flowers and old fruit trees. A huge herb garden - 500 sq. metres in size. Lovingly tended by a gardener and harvested dew-fresh, the home-grown products from the hotel's own gardens shape the hotel's cuisine. Particularly flavourful: spring, wild and summer herbs aren't just used for decoration, they also refine many dishes. Whether it's a regional speciality such as sorrel and Carinthian mint pasta or specific herbs such as lemon verbena and lambsweet - every dish finds its perfect partner in our herb garden.

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