Centre the self.

Temple of Muses
Massages and beauty treatments
on Lake Faaker See.

Listen with the fingertips.

Breathe in the heartbeat. And engage in a feeling of "letting go". Letting go. Letting yourself be pampered. Being kneaded. The touch of expert hands, gentle or firm and energetic, in any case soothing. To centre the self and at some point to fade it out. Being aware. Being pleasurable. Connecting with that which is greater. Is stronger. More powerful. And drawing energy from it. Refuelling. Giving thanks. And feeling the fingertips.

The Temple of the Muses Spa at the Karnerhof is the place to experience LAKE-SOUL pampering. Spaciously laid out, with a friendly, bright ambience, it is a relaxing setting to bring body and mind into harmony, to let yourself be kneaded and to recharge your batteries. An atmospheric wellness highlight on warm days: a massage in the romantic boathouse, above turquoise-blue Lake Faak, accompanied by the sound of the gently lapping waves. 

Spa for HER.

What could be more pleasurable than finally letting yourself be pampered in every way? A real relaxing massage serves not only to relieve muscle spasms, but above all to calm the mind, to come to rest holistically. If you want to pamper your skin even more, treat yourself to a facial treatment or a hot herbal stamp massage.

Wellness is also masculine.

The times when cosmetics and wellness were the exclusive preserve of the ladies are over. Men also want to feel smart and well-groomed. The terms "man" and "wellness" did not go together for a long time, and there are still more ladies than men among the wellness mavens. But more and more, men are realising that a classic wellness day is more than just a mud pack, pedicure and prosecco with a cucumber mask and a facial massage. And once a man has taken a wellness holiday, he is usually more than happy to return to this sort of oasis to recharge his batteries.

SEE MOTIONEN of magic.
When pampering / becomes enchantment / and the caress / also touches / the soul.

Experience LAKE-SOUL pampering.

Beauty and care for body and soul.

We pamper you with fresh, organic Carinthian cosmetics from CA&LE. Freshly produced directly from the region for you and your well-being, only high-quality active ingredients and skin-like lipids are used. Additives and processing aids are dispensed with entirely.

Vinoble Cosmetics, with highly concentrated ingredients derived from the natural raw materials of the vine, is a results-oriented alternative while also being suitable for all skin types.

With passion for their profession and a sure instinct, our well-being experts take care of your relaxation and well-being. In keeping with the philosophy of the Karnerhof, our massages, treatments and therapies are close to nature and tradition.

Take time out, just for yourself! Whether it's a massage with nourishing grape seed oil, a peeling with freshwater pearls or a care pack with aromatic essences, a harmonious time of pampering awaits you in the Temple of the Muses Spa at the Karnerhof.

Massages and beauty treatments at the Karnerhof.

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Regional, nature-based quality cosmetics play the starring role in the Muses Temple Spa at the Karnerhof.

Peeling with freshwater pearls. Spray with rose tonic. An incense-silver mask. Effective care with fresh ingredients is offered by CA&LE Cosmetics. The Klagenfurt-based manufacturer shows how 100 percent organic raw materials can be refined into the finest cosmetics. The products are free of mineral oil, emulsifiers and preservatives. This means that the effect lasts longer - the metabolism, regeneration and cell formation of the skin are stimulated over the long term.

The secret to healthy skin cannot be found in any laboratory. It lies in nature and the power of the natural active ingredients from the grape. In the spa brand Vinoble Cosmetics , which is native to southern Styria, delicate fragrances meet fine textures. And all without any questionable additives. The highly concentrated ingredients, which are extracted from the natural raw materials of the vine, have a results-oriented effect and are at the same time suitable for all skin types.

I'm our own best customer in our spa area! When we introduced the CA&LE brand into the house six years ago, I immediately wanted to try it out. The combination of this gentle care from nature (directly from this area!) and the soothing hands of my colleagues in the spa immediately make you forget your everyday cares.

Reception Manager, Anja Meisterle

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