Slovenia region
Dobrodošel south of the Karawank tunnel.

An excursion to

Explore unknown territory.

Be curious. Look to the south. If you do this from the Karnerhof, then It's not far to the third region in the Alpe-Adria area: Slovenia. A country full of history and tradition - and rapid development in recent years and decades. Just over two million people live in Slovenia on 20,273 square kilometres. The country is famous for its picturesque lakes, deep green forests and underground caves that water has carved out of Karst limestone over millions of years. Good to know: Wine from Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular. This is in line with the country's tradition: the city of Maribor is home to the oldest vine in the world, at 400 years old. Be sure to try it: wine from the Karst region.

A trip to an island: Bled.

A mere 28 km or just under half an hour's drive away from the Karnerhof, Bled is definitely worth a day trip. Because Slovenia's only island is - surprise! - not found in the ocean, but in Bled. More precisely, in the middle of Lake Bled. This tiny island - "Blejski Otok" - with its striking church is one of the most famous photo motifs in all of Slovenia. But Bled does much more than just look pretty. The small town of Bled and the Alpine lake of the same name are among the most important sights in Slovenia. The scenery is also truly postcard-like. Particularly in spring, when nature is slowly awakening and tourists haven't yet taken over the region, a walk around the lake is highly recommended. The path is just 6 kilometres long and can be easily completed in about 1.5 to 2 hours. The most beautiful view of the striking island in the lake is from one of the hills to the southwest of the lake. There are two well-known viewpoints: Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica.

A visit to Blejski Grad Castle is also a must when visiting Bled. Perched on a hill near the centre of town, it can be reached either on foot (15 minutes) or by car. From the castle you'll enjoy a fantastic view of the lake, though the view of the island is best from the hills to the west of the lake. The famous Bleder cremeschnitte or cream slice, a regional dessert made of puff pastry, vanilla cream and whipped cream, is a must-try.

The jubilant jewel: Ljubljana.

The quickest way from Karnerhof to Ljubljana is either via the A11 Karawank range motorway or over the Loibl Pass. Once you've arrived, you're immediately immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city. Slovenia's capital is a typical student city with a youthful flair. Along the Ljubljanica River, a hip gastro scene with inviting cafés and restaurants has developed on both banks. Here you'll find many interesting shops and good restaurants in Stari Trg, which runs parallel to the river.

The hotspot of the city is without a doubt Prešeren Square with its three bridges and the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation. From this square you also get a great view of the castle. If you come to Ljubljana to shop, you'll of course find the typical European flagship stores in the streets of the centre. Galerija Emporium is centrally located, directly by the three bridges. The fashion house in the Art Nouveau building offers clothing, shoes and fashion accessories from popular fashion designers on five floors. But the real highlight for shopping fans in Ljubljana are the small shops that invite browsing, and offer unique items that can't be bought just anywhere.

Sights in Ljubljana.

  • The castle with a great view of the city
  • The market in the heart of the city
  • The National Gallery or the Museum of Illusions
  • Boating on the river Ljubljanica

Cream slice or gibanica?

Sweet Slovenia. If you stop off in Ljubljana, there's no getting around the regional sweets. Here you have the choice between the famous cremeschnitte or cream slice, originally from Lake Bled, or gibanica, a dessert from north-eastern Slovenia. Let yourself be surprised!

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