Autumn Faaker See
Panorama with a mystical history.

The Taborhöhe with forest climbing park.

The Taborhöhe in Carinthia:

Located high above Lake Faaker See, the Taborhöhe is a popular hiking and excursion destination from Karnerhof. But the 725-metre high summit not only offers a wonderful panoramic view, it is also the origin of many a mystical tale.

The Taborhöhe is shrouded in mystery thanks to its many caves, which were hollowed out thanks to the special nature of the rock, the Sattnitz conglomerate. This type of rock behaves similarly to lime: water can seep in and wash out of it, creating cavities over time.

Refuge during the Turkish Wars.

According to legend, some of these caves were home to the "salty women" - helpful and wise women who provided advice and assistance to the people of the countryside. These good souls were shy of people and they detested loud noise - and woe betide anyone who disturbed them! 

People also used the caves as a place to retreat to, especially during the time of the Turkish wars. Time and again in the past, the Tabor has triggered surprising events: when the road was built on the mountain in 1959, a huge hole suddenly appeared. In 2016, the subsoil caved in a second time and another hole two metres deep appeared.

The Wauberg, a side hill of the Tabor, holds some secrets of its own; ones that only recently came to light. In 2015, the first scientific excavations took place here, which turned up a cistern and clay shards dating back to the 12th century. These finds correspond to the Bamberg and Spanheim periods. They might also be the remains of the castle of Duke Bernhard, who was active in Villach and Wernberg at that time.

The Taborhöhe Forest Climbing Park.

Climbing in the forest

The Taborhöhe Climbing Park is situated in a naturally grown mixed forest and leads climbers on a course through the trees at heights between two and twenty metres, connected with ropes, wobbly bridges and nets. For visitors, this opens up the forest from a completely new perspective and enables surprising vistas and panoramas.

On nine courses with varying levels of difficulty, safely secured with steel safety cables, visitors cross bridges, balance on swaying boards, and move on through rope loops and over narrow beams before whizzing through the forest on a zip line.

Before setting off, each visitor receives a comprehensive safety briefing from professional instructors. Equipped with a climbing harness, helmet and carabiner, guests then tackle the course of their choice. The "safety line" system guarantees the highest degree of personal safety.

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